Wireless MAC Filtering

Now, set up few filtering instructions to regulate wireless stations accessing the device with Wireless MAC Filtering in Tp-Link Repeater.

Backup & Restore

With Backup & Restore Setting, you can save configuration setting of Tp-Link repeater in the Local computer, which will get used while resetting repeater.

Quick Installation

Wait no more for connecting your Tp-link repeater with your wireless device. Opt for Quick Installation to save your time by an effective Web-based utility.

Throughput Monitor

Get wireless Throughput information of on your computer screen with the help of Throughput Monitor option in Tp-link repeater.


Are you also facing the same old issue of weak unstable wifi signals in your home & office? Do you know what causing you this issue? If you are not aware what reasons can be for this issue, you landed on the right page. If your home has few corners where wifi signals hardly reach, there are present dead zones. These dead zones get present due to electronic, metal & constructional interference. These things weaken the signals to reach a particular area, convert that area into a dead spot. You can resolve this issue, with the help of repeaters.

Repeaters what we also call them as range extenders also, the main work is to get signals from key router & replicate them. With this, your home network gets enhance in the terms of reach & wifi signals. So, if you are thinking to double Wifi network, a repeater will be an ideal choice for this. Now, you must be wondering which company repeater will suit your home network need. If you want a quality repeater, no one can serve you best than a Tp-Link repeater. Tp-Link repeater easily gets setup via tplinkrepeater.net. The configuration of the tp-link repeater is also quite easy. Before we get into Tp-Link repeater setup, take a look at the features of the Tp-Link repeater.

Features of Tp-link Repeater

1. Enjoy extended signal at a distance further than 75 feet.

2. The ideal choice for small houses & offices, internet coverage.

3. Get 300 Mbps throughput with Tp-Link Dual band Repeater.

4. Circular LED on the front of Tp-Link Repeater indicates whether extending the network or not?

5. Use Tp-Link Repeater in a bridge mode also.

If you want stable wifi signal then placement of repeater plays an important role. In this page, you will learn about the configuration of the repeater from the scratch. What you need to do is keep following the given steps. In case, you get an issue at any point, give us a call on a toll-free number. Our team is round the clock available to assist you. So, get started with the placement of the TP-Link repeater before you setup repeater via tplinkrepeater.net.


Where to Place Your Tp-Link Repeater?

1. Your T-Link extender receives a signal from the key router.

2. Try to place it nearby your devices & router. Best place is amid the both of them. The more it placed nearby your wifi router, the best wifi signal you will get.

tplinkrepeater.net3. The place where you have placed your repeater should be spacious & obstacles free. Nearby the corridors will be an ideal place for your Tp-Link Repeater.

4.Most of the time, your repeater stops performing best when they get in contact with wireless interferences. These wireless interferences can result from electrical appliances.

5.Keep a check on the signal lights on the forward-facing panel of the Tp-Link Repeater. When you see signal lights turn blue in color it means they are supposed to be placed in that particular location.

Connect Your Devices by Establishing Connection to the Tp-Link Repeater

1 .With the help of Ethernet cable connect your modem to the wireless router.


2 . Now, plug your Tp-Link Repeater into an electric outlet which is next to your router.

3 . Here, attach Wireless devices which can be any device with your Tp-Link Repeater. You can also connect your computer to LAN port of the repeater via Ethernet cable.

4 . Next, login to web-based management page of the Tp-Link repeater in order to complete the configuration.

Configuration of Tp-Link Repeater via Web-based Utility

1 . Open a web browser on your computer & wireless router. Type web address or what we call it domain name http://tplinkrepeater.net into the address bar of a browser.

2 . You can use any web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Internet Explorer. When you enter web address & press the enter button, after few seconds you will see repeater login window.

3 . Now, enter Default username & password in the given fields. Use Admin in lowercase for both the options & then Press Ok button to continue.


4 . Just in case, login window doesn’t display, it indicates your web browser is set into the proxy.

5 . To overcome this issue, go to Tools menu then Internet Options & next to Connections or LAN Settings. Here, cancel the checkbox of Using Proxy & then click on Ok button to complete.

6 . Next, you can see Quick Setup Start page. To get started, click on Next to continue.

7 . If quick setup also doesn’t get appear, click on Exit button & enter the key menu of the device.

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